Large-scale homogenization of soil bacterial communities in response to agricultural practices in paddy fields, China

Hang Wang, Sheng-En Liu, Zhi-Jian Zhang, Hao-Cai Wang, Xing-Hua Tao, Xian-Zhe Wang, Hong-Yi Li & Chen-Li Wang
This dataset contains data from 257 sites in four typical rice-growing regions across a 4,000-km transect in China, including geographic location data and environment factors data. The study was conducted across a 4,000-km transect of China’s rice-growing areas, from Heilong Jiang province to Yunnan province (100°55′ E to 134°08′° E, 22°46′ N to 48°02′ N, Table S1). Four typical rice-growing regions were selected along this transect: Sanjiang Plain (modern mechanical farming), Taihu Plain (mechanical plus...
1 citation reported since publication in 2020.
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