Data from: Convergent evolution of disordered lipidic structural color in the fruits of Lantana strigocamara (syn. L. camara hybrid cultivar)

Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong, Yu Ogawa, Gea Van De Kerkhof, Silvia Vignolini & Stacey Smith
Research conducted: The majority of plant colors are produced by anthocyanin and carotenoid pigments, but coloration obtained by nanostructured materials (i.e., structural colors) is increasingly reported in plants. Here, we identify a multilayer photonic structure in the fruits of Lantana strigocamara and compare it to a previously described origin in Viburnum tinus. Methods: We used a combination of transmission electron microscopy, serial EM tomography, scanning force microscopy, and optical simulations to characterize the photonic structure...
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