Behavioral “bycatch” from camera trap surveys yields insights on prey responses to human-mediated predation risk

Cole Burton, Christopher Beirne, Catherine Sun, Alys Granados, Michael Procko, Cheng Chen, Mitchell Fennell, Alexia Constantinou, Christopher Colton, Katie Tjaden-McClement, Jason Fisher & Joanna Burgar
Human disturbance directly affects animal populations but indirect effects of disturbance on species behaviors are less well understood. Camera traps provide an opportunity to investigate variation in animal behaviors across gradients of disturbance. We used camera trap data to test predictions about predator-sensitive behavior in three ungulate species (caribou Rangifer tarandus; white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus; moose, Alces alces) across two boreal forest landscapes varying in disturbance. We quantified behavior as the number of camera trap...
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