A gene variation at the ZPR1 locus (rs964184) interacts with the type of diet to modulate postprandial triglycerides in patients with coronary artery disease: From the Cordioprev Study

Juan Francisco Alcala-Diaz, Antonio Pablo Arenas-De-Larriva, Jose David Torres-Peña, Fernando Rodriguez-Cantalejo, Oriol Angel Rangel-Zuñiga, Elena Maria Yubero-Serrano, Francisco Gutierrez-Mariscal, Magdalena Cardelo, Raul Luque, Jose Ordovas, Pablo Perez-Martinez, Javier Delgado-Lista & Jose Lopez-Miranda
Background and Aims: rs964184 variant in the ZPR1 gene has been associated with blood lipids levels both in fasting and postprandial state and with the risk of myocardialinfarction in high-risk cardiovascular patients. However, whether this association is modulated by diet has not been studied. Objective: To investigate whether the type of diet (low-fat or Mediterranean diets) interacts with genetic variability at this loci to modulate fasting and postprandial lipids incoronary patients. Materials and Methods: The...
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