Data from: Genetic structuring among colonies of a pantropical seabird: Implication for subspecies validation and conservation

Laurence Humeau, Matthieu Le Corre, S. Reynolds, Colin Wearn, Janos C. Hennicke, James Russell, Yann Gomard, Hélène Magalon, Patrick Pinet, Pauline Gélin, François-Xavier Couzi, Etienne Bemanaja, Vikash Tatayah, Bacar Ousseni, Gérard Rocamora, Patrick Talbot, Nirmal Shah, Leandro Bugoni, Denis Da Silva & Audrey Jaeger
Appendix S1 Table S1 Details of field researchers and licences under which they took blood samples from white-tailed tropicbirds from populations in the years of study Table S2 Morphometrics of 616 individual white-tailed tropicbirds from 11 populations. Population codes are as described in Table 1. Table S3 Raw microsatellite genotypes for 382 individual White-tailed tropicbird from 13 populations. Population codes are as described in Table 1 Table S4 Details of mtDNA sequences Table S5 Tests...
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