Deletion of the sodium/hydrogen exchanger 6 causes low bone volume in adult mice

Fuster Daniel, Daniela Schnyder, Giuseppe Albano, Patrycja Kucharczyk, Silvia Dolder, Mark Siegrist, Manuel Anderegg, Ganesh Pathare, Willy Hofstetter, Roland Baron & Daniel G. Fuster
The sodium/hydrogen exchanger 6 (NHE6) localizes to recycling endosomes, where it mediates endosomal alkalinization through K+/H+ exchange. Mutations in the SLC9A6 gene encoding NHE6 cause severe X-linked mental retardation, epilepsy, autism and corticobasal degeneration in humans. Patients with SLC9A6 mutations exhibit skeletal malformations, and a previous study suggested a key role of NHE6 in osteoblast-mediated mineralization. The goal of this study was to explore the role of NHE6 in bone homeostasis. To this end, we...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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