Data for: Tracking the temporal dynamics of insect defoliation by high-resolution radar satellite data

Soyeon Bae, Jörg Müller, Bernhard Förster, Torben Hilmers, Sophia Hochrein, Martin Jacobs, Benjamin Leroy, Hans Pretzsch, Wolfgang Weisser & Oliver Mitesser
1. Quantifying tree defoliation by insects over large areas is a major challenge in forest management, but it is essential in ecosystem assessments of disturbance and resistance against herbivory. However, the trajectory from leaf-flush to insect defoliation to refoliation in broadleaf trees is highly variable. Its tracking requires high temporal- and spatial-resolution data, particularly in fragmented forests. 2. In a unique replicated field experiment manipulating gypsy moth Lymantria dispar densities in mixed-oak forests, we examined...
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