Neutral processes related to regional bee commonness and dispersal distances are important predictors of plant-pollinator networks along gradients of climate and landscape conditions

Markus Arne Sydenham, Zander Venter, Stein Moe, Katrine Eldegard, Michael Kuhlmann, Trond Reitan, Claus Rasmussen, Robert Paxton, Yoko Dupont, Astrid Skrindo, Megan Nowell, Stein Hegland, Anders Nielsen, Jens Olesen & Graciela Rusch
Understanding how niche-based and neutral processes contribute to the spatial variation in plant-pollinator interactions is central to designing effective pollination conservation schemes. Such schemes are needed to reverse declines of wild bees and other pollinating insects and to promote pollination services to wild and cultivated plants. We used data on wild bee interactions with plants belonging to the four tribes Loteae, Trifolieae, Anthemideae, and either spring- or summer-flowering Cichorieae, sampled systematically along a 682km latitudinal...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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