Phylogeny of the ingoid clade (Caesalpinioideae, Fabaceae), based on nuclear and plastid data

Julia Ferm, Bertil Ståhl, Niklas Wikström & Catarina Rydin
We investigated generic relationships in the ingoid clade (Fabaceae) (sensu Koenen & al. 2020a), with main focus on genera with a taxonomic history in Calliandra s.l. of the tribe Ingeae (i.e. Afrocalliandra, Calliandra s.s., Sanjappa,Thailentadopsis, Viguieranthus, Zapoteca), and three genera of the tribe Acacieae (i.e., Acacia, Acaciella, Senegalia). The nuclear ribosomal ETS and ITS, and the plastid matK, trnL-trnF and ycf1 DNA-regions were analysed for 246 representatives from 36 genera using maximum likelihood as implemented...
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