Data from: Hidden island endemic species, and their implications for cryptic speciation within soil arthropods

Carmelo Andújar Fernández, Antonio Perez Delgado, Brent Emerson, Paula Arribas, Yurena Arjona, Daniel Suárez Ramos, Carles Hernando & Heriberto López
Aim: Specialisation to the soil environment is expected to constrain the spatial scale of diversification within animal lineages. In this context, the existence of flightless arthropod lineages, adapted to soil environments, but with broad geographic ranges, represent something of an anomaly. Here we investigate the diversification process within one such ‘anomalous’ soil specialist: Geomitopsis franzi Coiffait, 1978, an eyeless and flightless beetle species strongly adapted to the endogean environment but distributed across several oceanic islands....
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