Climate and mycorrhizae mediate the relationship of tree species diversity and carbon stocks in subtropical forests

Guoyong Yan, Franca J. Bongers, Stefan Trogisch, Yin Li, Guoke Chen, Haoru Yan, Xianglu Deng, Keping Ma & Xiaojuan Liu
1. It is increasingly being recognized that tree species diversity has positive effects on forest ecosystem carbon (C) stock. However, at broad spatial scales this relationship may depend on climate conditions and species mycorrhizal associations. 2. Here, observations from 667 forest plots in subtropical China, were used to investigate the effects of species diversity, mean annual precipitation (MAP), mean annual temperature (MAT) and mycorrhizal type (arbuscular or ectomycorrhizal) on the forest C stock and its...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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