The genomic consistency of the loss of anadromy in an Arctic fish (Salvelinus alpinus)

Sarah Salisbury, Gregory McCracken, Robert Perry, Donald Keefe, Kara Layton, Tony Kess, Cameron Nugent, Jong Leong, Ian Bradbury, Ben Koop, Moira Ferguson & Daniel Ruzzante
The potentially significant genetic consequences associated with the loss of migratory capacity of diadromous fishes which have become landlocked in freshwater are poorly understood. Consistent selective pressures associated with freshwater residency may drive repeated differentiation both between allopatric landlocked and anadromous populations and within landlocked populations (resulting in sympatric morphs). Alternatively, the strong genetic drift anticipated in isolated landlocked populations could hinder consistent adaptation, limiting genetic parallelism. Understanding the degree of genetic parallelism underlying differentiation...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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