Dataset from: A curated DNA barcode reference library for parasitoids of northern European cyclically outbreaking geometrid moths

Tommi Nyman, Saskia Wutke, Elina Koivisto, Tero Klemola, Mark Shaw, Tommi Andersson, Håkon Haraldseide, Snorre Hagen, Ryosuke Nakadai & Kai Ruohomäki
Large areas of forests are annually damaged or destroyed by outbreaking insect pests. Understanding the factors that trigger and terminate such population eruptions has become crucially important, as plants, plant-feeding insects, and their natural enemies may respond differentially to the ongoing changes in the global climate. In northernmost Europe, climate-driven range expansions of the geometrid moths Epirrita autumnata and Operophtera brumata have resulted in overlapping and increasingly severe outbreaks. Delayed density-dependent responses of parasitoids are...
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