Mainland Clouded Leopard Habitat Suitability Model - Continuous

David Macdonald, Helen Bothwell, Zaneta Kaszta, Eric Ash, Gilmoore Bolongon, Dawn Burnham, Ozgun Can, Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz, Phan Channa, Gopalasamy Clements, Andrew Hearn, Laurie Hedges, Saw Htun, Jan Kamler, Kae Kawanishi, Ewan Macdonald, Shariff Mohamad, Jonathan Moore, Hla Naing, Manabu Onuma, Ugyen Penjor, Akchousanh Rasphone, D. Rayan, Joanna Ross, Priya Singh … & Sam Cushman
This GIS raster layer is the projected multi-scale habitat suitability model for the mainland clouded leopard, based on beta coefficients of the GLMM and a mean of 79.47 camera trap nights averaged across all camera stations. Model projection units are number of clouded leopard observations predicted across multivariate niche space, given 79.47 active camera trap nights. Thus the specific output value is of little importance; the model output should rather be interpreted on a relative...
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