Changing diets over time: knock-on effects of marine megafauna overexploitation on their competitors in the South-Western Atlantic Ocean

Maria Bas, Angélica M. Tivoli, Ivan Briz I Godino, Mónica Salemme, Fernando Santiago, Juan Bautista Belardi, Florencia Borella, Damián G. Vales, Enrique A. Crespo & Luis Cardona
This study compares the δ15N values and the trophic position of two seabird species throughout the Late Holocene in three regions in the South-Western Atlantic Ocean to assess the hypothesis that the decimation of megafauna lead to changes in the trophic position of mesopredators. Modern and ancient mollusc shells were also analysed to account for changes in the isotopic baseline through time. Results revealed that modern Magellanic penguins have higher δ15N values than their ancient...
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