Dataset for: Intercontinental analysis of temperate steppe stream food webs reveals consistent autochthonous support of fishes

Emily Arsenault, James Thorp, Michael Polito, Mario Minder, Walter Dodds, Flavia Tromboni, Alain Maasri, Mark Pyron, Bud Mendsaikhan, Amarbat Otgonganbat, Solongo Altangerel, Sudeep Chandra, Robert Shields, Caleb Artz & Hayat Bennadji
Quantifying the trophic basis of production for freshwater metazoa at broad spatial scales is key to understanding ecosystem function and has been a research priority for decades. However, previous lotic food web studies have been limited by geographic coverage or methodological constraints. We used compound-specific stable carbon isotope analysis of amino acids to estimate basal resource contributions to fish consumers in streams spanning grassland, montane, and semi-arid ecoregions of the temperate steppe biome on two...
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