Knowledge, experiences, and practices of women affected by female genital schistosomiasis in rural Madagascar

Angela Schuster, Oliva Tiana Onintsoa Rabozakandraina, Bodo Sahondra Randrianasolo, Charles Emile Ramarokoto, Dorthe Brønnum & Hermann Feldmeier
Background: Female genital schistosomiasis (FGS) is a neglected manifestation of urogenital schistosomiasis caused by S. haematobium. The disease presents with symptoms such as pelvic pain, vaginal discharge and bleeding and menstruation disorders, and might lead to infertility and pregnancy complications. The perspectives of women with FGS have not been studied systematically. Methods: We performed a qualitative study in the Ambanja district in Northwest Madagascar. FGS was diagnosed by colposcopy. Seventy-six women with FGS participated either...
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