Grazing changes the direction of direct effect of shrubs on nematode communities but suppresses indirect effects through microbial pathways

Hanwen Cui, Ziyang Liu, Jingwei Chen, Jiajia Wang, Hongxian Song, Sa Xiao, Xiaoli Yang, Xiangtai Wang, Yajun Wang, Xi Kou, Lihua Meng, Kun Liu, Shuyan Chen, Lizhe An & Uffe Nielsen
Abstract It is well established that dominant plants shape belowground communities, which in turn influence ecosystem functioning. Similarly, herbivores affect belowground communities through physical disturbance and redistribution of organic inputs, but also through their interactions with the plants themselves. However, we know little about how grazing moderates effects of dominant plants on belowground organisms. We established a three-year removal experiment in a grazed and an ungrazed alpine meadow on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau to explore how...
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