Subtyping of common complex diseases and disorders by integrating heterogeneous data. Identifying clusters among women with lower urinary tract symptoms in the LURN study

Victor Andreev, Victor P. Andreev, Margaret E. Helmuth, Abigail R. Smith, Robert M. Merion, Claire C. Yang, Anne P. Cameron, J. Eric Jelovsek, Cindy L. Amundsen, Brian T. Helfand, Catherine S. Bradley, John O. L. DeLancey, James W. Griffith, Alexander P. Glaser, Brenda W. Gillespie, J. Quentin Clemens, H. Henry Lai, Margaret Helmuth & Gang Liu
We present a methodology for subtyping of persons with a common clinical symptom complex by integrating heterogeneous continuous and categorical data. We illustrate it by clustering women with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), who represent a heterogeneous cohort with overlapping symptoms and multifactorial etiology. Data collected in the Symptoms of Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction Research Network (LURN), a multi-center observational study, included self-reported urinary and non-urinary symptoms, bladder diaries, and physical examination data for 545...
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