Data from: Scale-dependent intraspecific competition of Taurus cedar (Cedrus libani A. Rich.) saplings in the Southern Turkey

Osman Yalçın Yilmaz, Ali Kavgaci, Orhan Sevgi̇, Erdal Örtel, Hüseyin Teci̇men, Abdurrahman Çobanoğlu & İsmet Yeşi̇l
Better understanding of the competitive interaction at the early development stages of the stand is crucial to help schedule silvicultural treatments for young stands and for the better management of the future stands. We used scale-dependent analysis to improve our understanding of sapling dynamics in the pure Taurus cedar (Cedrus libani A. Rich.) stands in Southern Turkey. Using data from nine plots established at the western Taurus Mountains; diameter, height and crown radii of saplings...
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