Functional miscibility and thermomechanical properties enhancement of substituted phthalic acetylated modified chitin filler in biopolymer composite

Niyi Olaiya, O.S. Obaseki, Gaber A.M. Mersal, Mohamed M. Ibrahim, Mahmoud M. Hessien, Funmilayo Olaiya, Asif Afzal, Taslima Khanam & Ahmad Rashedi
The miscibility between hydrophobic and hydrophilic biopolymers has been of significant challenge. This study used a novel simplified chitin modification method to produce phthalic - chitin using phthalic anhydride in a substitution reaction. The FT-IR functional group analysis was used to confirm the substitution reaction. The modified chitin was used as compatibiliser in PLA/starch biocomposite to enhance its properties. The biocomposite was prepared using melt extrusion and compression moulding technique. The biocomposite's morphological, thermomechanical, and...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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