Data from: Rhytiphora: a phylogenetic and morphological study of Australia’s largest longhorn beetle genus

Lauren Ashman, Diana Hartley, Mengjie Jin, David Rowell, Luisa Teasdale, Adam Slipinski & Andreas Zwick
Rhytiphora Audinet-Serville is the most speciose longhorn beetle (Cerambycidae) genus in Australia, with about 200 species (from nearly 40 former genera, now synonymised into one) distributed across the entire continent. We used mitochondrial genome data from whole genome shotgun sequencing and COI barcoding of museum specimens to reconstruct the phylogeny of 68 Rhytiphora species, and analyse their morphological diversity and biogeographic history. We recovered a monophyletic Rhytiphora containing two distinct clades, within which all of...
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