MeadoWatch: a long-term community-science database of wildflower phenology in Mount Rainier National Park

Janneke HilleRisLambers, Ruben Manzanedo, Elli Theobald, Berry Brosi, Joshua Jenkins, Ava Kloss-Schmidt, Emilia Lia, Annie Schiffer, Jordana Sevigny, Anna Wilson, Yonit Yogev & Aji John
We present a long-term and high-resolution phenological dataset from 17 wildflower species collected in Mt. Rainier National Park, as part of the MeadoWatch (MW) community science project. Since 2013, 500+ unique volunteers and scientists have gathered data on the timing of four key reproductive phenophases (budding, flowering, fruiting, and seeding) in 28 plots over two elevational gradients alongside popular park trails. Trained volunteers (87.2%) and UW scientists (12.8%) collected data 3-9 times/week during the growing...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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