Middle Ordovician (middle Darriwilian) Archaeospicularia and Entactinaria (radiolarians) from the Table Cove Formation, Piccadilly Quarry, western Newfoundland, Canada

Jonathan Aitchison & Sarah Kachovich
New, distinctive, well preserved and previously undescribed constituents of a Middle Ordovician (middle Darriwilian, Dw2) radiolarian assemblage from the Table Cove Formation in Newfoundland are described. Three-dimensional X-ray micro-computed tomography (μ-CT) facilitates detailed examination of key specimens revealing hitherto unknown details of the internal morphologies of key lower Paleozoic taxonomic groups amongst which a lack of knowledge has previously impeded resolution of higher taxonomic rankings. Twenty-seven archaeospiculid and entactinarian taxa are described and illustrated including...
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