Data from: Dominant carnivore loss benefits native avian and invasive mammalian scavengers

Matthew Fielding, Calum Cunningham, Jessie Buettel, Dejan Stojanovic, Luke Yates, Menna Jones & Barry Brook
Scavenging by large carnivores is integral for ecosystem functioning by limiting the build-up of carrion and facilitating widespread energy flows. However, top carnivores have declined across the world, triggering trophic shifts within ecosystems. In this study, we use a natural ‘removal experiment’ of disease-driven decline and island extirpation of native mammalian (marsupial) carnivores to investigate top-down control on utilisation of experimentally placed carcasses by two mesoscavengers – the invasive feral cat and native forest raven....
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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