Simple and complex, sexually dimorphic retinal mosaic of fritillary butterflies

Gregor Belušič, Kentaro Arikawa, Marko Ilić, Primož Pirih, Pei-Ju Chen, Andrej Meglič, Jošt Prevc & Masaya Yago
Butterflies have variable sets of spectral photoreceptors that underlie colour vision. The photoreceptor organization may be optimised for the detection of body colouration. Fritillaries (Argynnini) are nymphalid butterflies exhibiting varying degrees of sexual dimorphism in wing colouration. In two sister species, the females have orange (Argynnis paphia) and dark wings (A. sagana), respectively, while the males of both species have orange wings with large patches of pheromone-producing androconia. In spite of the differences in female...
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