Phylogenomic analysis reveals dispersal-driven speciation and divergence with gene flow in Lesser Sunda Flying Lizards (Genus Draco)

Sean Reilly, Alexander Stubbs, Evy Arida, Benjamin Karin, Umilaela Arifin, Hinrich Kaiser, Ke Bi, Djoko Iskandar & Jimmy McGuire
The Lesser Sunda Archipelago offers exceptional potential as a model system for studying the dynamics of dispersal-driven diversification. The geographic proximity of the islands suggests the possibility for successful dispersal, but this is countered by the permanence of the marine barriers and extreme intervening currents that are expected to hinder gene flow. Phylogenetic and species delimitation analyses of flying lizards (genus Draco) using single mitochondrial genes, complete mitochondrial genomes, and exome-capture data sets identified 9–11...
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