Flower strips and remnant semi-natural vegetation have different impacts on pollination and productivity of sunflower crops

Lucie Mota, Violeta Hevia, Carlos Rad, Joana Alves, António Silva, José González, Jorge Ortega-Marcos, Oscar Aguado, Paloma Alcorlo, Francisco M. Azcárate, Libertad Chapinal, César A. López, João Loureiro, Evan A. N. Marks, Catarina Siopa, José Paulo Sousa & Sílvia Castro
Intensification of agricultural landscapes to fulfil increased global food demands has dramatically impacted biodiversity and ecosystem services. Several pollinator groups, which are vital for the maintenance of pollinator-dependent crops, have been severely affected by this intensification process. Management tools, such as the implementation of agri-environmental schemes, have been widely proposed to improve pollinator's communities and pollination services, although the effectiveness of wildflower strips in comparison to existing natural or semi-natural habitats and the impact on...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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