Loricarioid catfish evolved skin denticles that recapitulate teeth at the structural, developmental, and genetic levels (raw RNAseq reads)

Carlos Javier Rivera-Rivera, Nadezhda I. Guevara-Delgadillo, Ilham A. Bahechar, Claire A. Shea & Juan Ignacio Montoya-Burgos
The first vertebrate mineralized skeleton was an external bony armor coated with dental structures. The subsequent emergence of a mineralized endoskeleton and of teeth are considered key innovations in the diversification of vertebrates. Although time clouds our understanding of the initial evolution of these mineralized structures, recent re-emergences may shed light on the underlying processes. Loricarioid catfishes are a lineage that, much like the ancestral vertebrates, bear denticle-clad bony armor from head to tail. Loricarioid...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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