Simple attributes predict the value of plants as hosts to fungal and arthropod communities

Hans Henrik Bruun, Ane Kirstine Brunbjerg, Camilla Fløjgaard, Lars Dalby, Tobias Guldberg Frøslev, Simon Haarder, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Toke Hoye, Thomas Læssøe & Rasmus Ejrnæs
Fungal and arthropod consumers constitute the vast majority of global terrestrial biodiversity. Yet, the link from richness and composition of producer (plant) communities to the richness of consumer communities is poorly understood. Fungal and arthropod species richness could be a simple function of producer species richness at a site. Alternatively, it could be a complex function of chemical and structural properties of the producer species making up communities. We used databases on plant-fungus and plant-arthropod...
5 citations reported since publication in 2022.
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