Patterns and determinants of plant-derived lignin phenols in coastal wetlands: implications for organic C accumulation

Zhaoliang Song, Shaopan Xia, Weiqi Wang, Yaran Fan, Laodong Guo, Lukas Van Zwieten, Iain P. Hartley, Yin Fang, Yidong Wang, Zhenqing Zhang, Cong-Qiang Liu & Hailong Wang
1. As a major plant-derived soil organic carbon (SOC) component, lignin phenols are unique biomarkers that reflect biogeochemical characteristics under different vegetation compositions and climatic zones in coastal wetlands. However, the latitudinal patterns of plant-derived lignin phenols to SOC and their link with the stability and controlling mechanisms remain poorly understood. 2. A total of 156 soil samples from 39 sites along a 5000 km coastal transect, were taken to explore the effects of biological...
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