Whole-genome analysis of multiple wood ant population pairs supports similar speciation histories, but different degrees of gene flow, across their European ranges

Beatriz Portinha, Amaury Avril, Christian Bernasconi, Heikki Heläntera, Josie Monaghan, Bernhard Seifert, Vítor C. Sousa, Jonna Kulmuni & Pierre Nouhaud
The application of demographic history modelling and inference to the study of divergence between species has become a cornerstone of speciation genomics. Speciation histories are usually reconstructed by analysing single populations from each species, assuming that the inferred population history represents the actual speciation history. However, this assumption may not be met when species diverge with gene flow, e.g., when secondary contact may be confined to specific geographic regions. Here, we tested whether divergence histories...
2 citations reported since publication in 2022.
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