Data from: Dietary adaptations and paleoecology of Lophialetidae (Mammalia: Tapiroidea) from the Eocene of the Erlian Basin, China: Combined evidence from mesowear and stable isotope analyses

Yanxin Gong, Yuanqing Wang, Yang Wang, Fang-Yuan Mao, Bin Bai, Haibing Wang, Qian Li, Xun Jin, Xu Wang & Jin Meng
Lophialetidae are an extinct group of endemic Asiatic tapiroids that are widely distributed in the Eocene sediments of Asia. Schlosseria magister and Lophialetes expeditus are the most abundant species in this family. However, their dietary and ecological characteristics are largely unknown to date. For the first time, we reconstruct the paleodiet and habitat of these two lophialetids using a combination of mesowear and stable carbon isotope analyses of fossil teeth excavated from the Erlian Basin,...
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