Virtual screening for functional foods against the main protease of 2019 novel coronavirus

Binglin Li, Jiao Wang, Xiaoli Zhang & Alejandra B. Omarini
Design and development of an effective method or technologyto combat the 2019 novel coronavirus remains a challenge. In this work, the special attention was paid on the interaction between functional foods and the main protease of 2019-nCoV. Here, 10870 ligands were employed and screened by the molecular docking, which involved 12 kinds of functional foods (carbohydrates, fat acids, phospholipids, vitamin, β-sitosterol, flavonoids, nordihydroguaiaretic acid, curcumin, nookatone, β-pinene, tincturoid, and their isomers/analogs/derivatives). Then, 60 ligands were...
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