Data from: Do ditch-side electrical fences improve the breeding productivity of ground-nesting waders?

Mo Verhoeven, Jelle Loonstra, Thomas Pringle, Wiebe Kaspersma, Mark Whiffin, Alice McBride, Pieter Sjoerdsma, Celine Roodhart, Malcolm Burgess, Theunis Piersma & Jennifer Smart
Insufficient reproduction as a consequence of predation on eggs and chicks is a major determinant of population decline in ground-nesting birds, including waders. For many populations, there is an urgent need to maintain breeding populations at key sites, and conservation practitioners need to find viable management solutions to reduce predation. One tool available to the practitioner are fences that exclude key predators from areas containing breeding birds. Temporary electric fencing is an increasingly popular predator...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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