Data from: Sixteen in one: white-belted Megaselia Rondani (Diptera: Phoridae) from the New World challenge species concepts

Brian Brown
We review the species of Megaselia similar to M. sulphurizona Borgmeier. A close examination of M. sulphurizona indicates that its current concept includes at least 16 species, 15 of which- M. albizona, M. borealizona, M. colombizona, M. cryptizona, M. danizona, M. guanizona, M. marizona, M. nivizona, M. oklizona, M. paulizona, M. reductizona, M. solizona, M. tropizona, M. wendizona, and M. winnizona are described as new, based primarily on molecular data. The identity of the holotype...
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