Bite force in the strictly subterranean rodent family of African mole-rats (Bathyergidae): the role of digging mode, social organisation, and ecology

Radim Šumbera, Andrea Kraus, Matěj Lövy, Ondřej Mikula, Jan Okrouhlík, Nigel Bennett, Radim Šumbera & Anthony Herrel
Bite force is an ecologically relevant performance trait that has been measured to better understand the adaptations to diet and habitat use. Moreover, bite force is relevant in understanding reproductive success, as well as inter- and intraspecific competition. African mole-rats (Bathyergidae, Rodentia) are a unique clade of mammals that use different digging strategies, show different types of social organisation, and occur in ecologically diverse savannah habitats in Sub-Saharan Africa. Whereas previous studies have suggested these...
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