Plant-root pathogenic fungal and plant-mycorrhizal fungal association networks in a subtropical forest

Chunchao Zhu, Zihui Wang, Wenqi Luo, Jiayi Feng, Yongfa Chen, Dong He, M. D. Farnon Ellwood, Chengjin Chu & Yuangzhi Li
Although rhizosphere fungi are essential for plant survival and ecosystem functioning, little is known about the processes that structure plant–fungal association networks. In this study, we constructed association networks between 43 plant species and two groups of root-associated fungi (mycorrhizal and pathogenic fungi; MF and PF, respectively) in a diverse subtropical forest. We then evaluated the modularity of plant–MF and plant–PF networks and linked them to the functional traits and phylogenies of both plants and...
2 citations reported since publication in 2022.
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