The gut microbiome variability of a butterflyfish increases on severely degraded Caribbean reefs

Friederike Clever, Jade M. Sourisse, Richard F. Preziosi, Jonathan A. Eisen, E. Catalina Rodriguez-Guerra, Jarrod J. Scott, Laetitia G.E. Wilkins, Andrew H. Altieri, W. Owen McMillan & Matthieu Leray
Environmental degradation has the potential to alter key mutualisms that underlie the structure and function of ecological communities. How microbial communities associated with fishes vary across populations and in relation to habitat characteristics remains largely unknown despite their fundamental roles in host nutrition and immunity. We find significant differences in the gut microbiome composition of a facultative coral-feeding butterflyfish (Chaetodon capistratus) across Caribbean reefs that differ markedly in live coral cover (∼0–30%). Fish gut microbiomes...
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