Increased precipitation and nitrogen addition accelerate the temporal increase of soil respiration during eight-year old-field grassland succession

Jiajia Zhang, Jingyi Ru, Jian Song, Heng Li, Xiaoming Li, Yafei Ma, Zheng Li, Yuanfang Hao, Zhensheng Chi, Dafeng Hui & Shiqiang Wan
Ecological succession after disturbance plays a vital role in influencing ecosystem structure and functioning. However, how global change factors regulate ecosystem carbon (C) cycling in successional plant communities remains largely elusive. As part of an eight-year (2012-2019) manipulative experiment, this study was designed to examine the responses of soil respiration and its heterotrophic component to simulated increases in precipitation and atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition in an old-field grassland undergoing secondary succession. Over the eight-year experimental...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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