Hemodynamic data from the Inspired Therapeutics NeoMate Mechanical Circulatory Support System for neonates and infants as tested in static mock circulatory loops, dynamic mock circulatory loops, and acute animal studies

Gretel Monreal, Steven Koenig, Mark Slaughter, Gino Morello, Steven Prina, Landon Tompkins, Jiapang Huang, Barry Gellman & Kurt Dasse
Inspired Therapeutics (Merritt Island, FL) is developing a mechanical circulatory support (MCS) system designed as a single driver with interchangeable, extracorporeal, magnetically levitated pumps. The NeoMate system design features an integrated centrifugal rotary pump, motor, and controller that will be housed in a single compact unit. Conceptually, the primary innovation of this technology will be the combination of disposable, low-cost pumps for use with a single, multi-functional, universal controller to support multiple pediatric cardiopulmonary indications....
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