Data from: Chromosome scale genome assemblies and annotations for Poales species Carex cristatella, Carex scoparia, Juncus effusus and Juncus inflexus

Jose Planta, Yu Ya Liang, Haoyang Xin, Matthew Chansler, Alan Prather, Jiming Jiang, Ning Jiang & Kevin Childs
The majority of sequenced genomes in the Monocots are from species belonging to the Poaceae, which includes many commercially important crops. Here, we expand the number of sequenced genomes from the Monocots to include the genomes of four related Cyperids: Carex cristatella and Carex scoparia from Cyperaceae and Juncus effusus and Juncus inflexus from Juncaceae. The high-quality, chromosome-scale genome sequences from these four Cyperids were assembled by combining whole-genome shotgun sequencing of Nanopore long reads,...
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