Environmental DNA provides quantitative estimates of Pacific hake abundance and distribution in the open ocean.

Andrew Shelton, Ana Ramon-Laca, Abigail Wells, Julia Clemons, Dezhang Chu, Blake Feist, Ryan Kelly, Sandra Parker-Stetter, Rebecca Thomas, Krista Nichols & Linda Park
All species inevitably leave genetic traces in their environments, and the resulting environmental DNA (eDNA) reflects the species present in a given habitat. It remains unclear whether eDNA signals can provide quantitative metrics of abundance on which human livelihoods or conservation successes depend. Here, we report the results of a large eDNA ocean survey (spanning 86,000 km2 to depths of 500m) to understand the abundance and distribution of Pacific hake Merluccius productus, the target of...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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