Stroke risk, phenotypes, and death in COVID-19: systematic review and newly reported cases

Luciano Sposato, Sebastian Fridman, Maria Bres Bullrich, Amado Jimenez-Ruiz, Pablo Costantini, Palak Shah, Caroline Just, Daniel Vela-Duarte, Italo Linfante, Athena Sharifi-Razavi, Narges Karimi, Rodrigo Bagur, Derek Debicki, Teneille Emma Gofton & David A Steven
Objectives: To investigate the hypothesis that strokes occurring in patients with COVID-19 have distinctive features, we investigated stroke risk, clinical phenotypes, and outcomes in this population. Methods: We performed a systematic search resulting in 10 studies reporting stroke frequency among COVID-19 patients, which were pooled with one unpublished series from Canada. We applied random-effects meta-analyses to estimate the proportion of stroke among COVID-19. We performed an additional systematic search for cases series of stroke in...
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