Population genetic structure of wolves in the northwestern Dinaric-Balkan region

Dragana Šnjegota, Astrid Vik Stronen, Barbara Boljte, Duško Ćirović, Mihajla Djan, Djuro Huber, Maja Jelenčič, Marjeta Konec, Josip Kusak & Tomaž Skrbinšek
The Balkan Peninsula and the Dinaric Mountains possess extraordinary biodiversity and support one of the largest and most diverse wolf (Canis lupus) populations in Europe. Results obtained with diverse genetic markers show west-east substructure, also seen in various other species, despite the absence of obvious barriers to movement. However, the spatial extent of the genetic clusters remains unresolved, and our aim was to combine fine-scale sampling with population and spatial genetic analyses to improve resolution...
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