Data from: Freshwater ecological quality assessment of the gold mining Mashcon watershed, Cajamarca - Peru

Daniel Mercado-Garcia, Marco Sanchez Peña, Marie Anne Eurie Forio, Eveline Beeckman, Jana Van Butsel, Nilton Deza Arroyo, Karel De Schamphelaere, Guido Wyseure & Peter Goethals
These data were generated to investigate the aquatic community gradients across different types of anthropogenic impacts (reference, mining, rural and urban) and Andean environmental gradients (headwaters, midstream and downstream) in the Mashcon watershed. The macroinvertebrates' taxa abundance and abundance of traits modalities serve as biological values. The latter in combination with abiotic measurements of the freshwater habitats (i.e. physicochemical water quality and hydromorphology) constitute the ecological data. The values were obtained from river sediments (macroinvertebrates...
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