Moderate pH deviations trigger transcriptome-wide responses in human cells cultured in physioxia and physiological buffers

Silvia Arossa, Samhan M Alsolami, Shannon Grace Klein, Alexandra Steckbauer, Anieka Janice Parry, Yingzi Zhang, Gerardo Ramos Mandujano, Juan Carlos Izpisua-Belmonte, Carlos Manauel Duarte & Mo Li
Although pH instability is emerging as a potential driver of changes in cell physiology, pH is still poorly controlled during cell culture and in vitro experiments. Standard procedures include the use of chemicals usually not present in the primary physiological buffering system (CO2/HCO3-), such as acids and bases, to manipulate pH levels. This, however, leads to artifacts that potentially affect scientists’ findings. Here, we propose a novel method for controlling pH levels by relying only...
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