Data from: Reinvestigation of the type specimen of Ginkgophyllum grasseti Saporta 1875 using Reflectance Transforming Imaging

Anne-Laure Decombeix, Ignacio H. Escapa, Dario De Franceschi & Olivier Béthoux
Reflectance Transforming Imaging (RTI) produces photographs in which the angle of the light can be changed at will, allowing to investigate remotely minute details of the 3D structure of sub-planar objects. Here we apply this technique to the type specimen of Gingkophyllum grasseti, a vegetative shoot with putative ginkgophyte affinities from the early Permian of Lodève (France). Gingkophyllum grasseti, the type species of the corresponding genus, was originally described by Saporta in 1875 and has...
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