Quaternary equatorial Atlantic deep-sea ostracodes: evidence for a distinct tropical fauna in the deep sea

Moriaki Yasuhara, Hisayo Okahashi, Huai-Hsuan May Huang, Yuanyuan Hong, Hokuto Iwatani, Rachel Chu & Gene Hunt
Low latitude, deep-sea faunas remain poorly understood and described. Here we systematically describe Quaternary deep-sea ostracodes from the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 925 (Ceara Rise; 4°12.2'N, 43°29.3'W; 3040 m water depth) in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean. Twenty-six genera and 52 species were examined and illustrated with high-resolution scanning electron microscopy images. Six new species are described herein: Pseudocythere spinae, Hemiparacytheridea zarikiani, Pedicythere canis, Xylocythere denticulata, Paracytherois obtusa, and Poseidonamicus sculptus. The results show that...
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