Earth and life evolve together from something ancestral — reply to Britz et al

Kazunori Yamahira, Shingo Fujimoto & Yasuoki Takami
Ricefishes of the family Adrianichthyidae are considered to have dispersed eastward “out-of-India” after the collision of the Indian subcontinent with Eurasia and subsequently diversified in Southeast-East Asia. In this study, we reconstructed ancestral areas of Adrianichthyidae with BioGeoBEARS, expanding the scope to include Cyprinodontiformes, the outgroup of Beloniformes to which Adrianichthyidae belongs. The results again supported the “out-of-India” dispersal scenario. The dataset contained all files necessary for the BioGeoBEARS analysis.
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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